Wednesday, November 8, 2017


"There's no place like home"


"Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol
whenever you're in trouble
Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol
We'll be there on the double"

Halloween at work
(witches, superheroes, a unicorn,
donuts, a cheerleader and Cat in the Hat)

Gran Mum came to visit for Halloween

Carving pumpkins

Cole and his awesome Sunday School
teacher Hannah!

Faith's class field trip to Warbington Farms

Tractor rides, feeding cows, feeding goats,
corn maze, huge "jumping pillow", slides,

BIRDS ON A WIRE...SOAR conference
My favorite take home message of the
Karen told a story of growing up
thinking she wasn't very creative or
good at art.  She had been told things
like "art isn't for everyone" when she
would attempt school, she
always thought in her head she wasn't
good at art her whole life.  Then she jumps forward to
being on a mission trip this summer. She
and her husband went with a group of
college kids.  They were going to be helping
at a school.  She knew that the college kids
would all want to be engaged with the
children in the, in order to
give them that opportunity she volunteered
to do whatever else needed to be done. The
first day they introduced her to "Alfredo"
and artist that would be helping them....
PAINT A MURAL! All of her feelings
of inadequacy rushed in and she tried to
switch to something else....but, Alfredo
insisted she stay and told her to start painting!
 When they asked what they were painting
Alfredo pointed to his head and said
"it's up here"....they didn't even know what
they were painting...they were just suppose
to follow his directions on step at a time.
She kept trying to get out of it and switch
to another group...but, Alfredo would find
her and say "we need you!"....He would
give them an area of the wall to
started off basic with the background...then
got more detailed with each layer...Alfredo
would walk by and say "a little more here,
a little more there" or "back off a little"..
They took frequent snack breaks with the
kids and when they did they would see
Alfredo at the wall fixing spots and filling
in the gaps.
Then they got to really detailed trees and
Karen said "I don't know how to do this!"...
Alfredo would say "go to the left...or got to the
right...or back up"...etc...Then as it was
finishing Alfredo would walk by and say
 "Excellent", "Lovely", "Great Job Karen!"
When they finished the mural was beautiful!
 On her trip home it hit her...
God hands us our a blank
slate (a blank wall) and we say "what is
going to happen? Is everything going to be
Ok?"... God,  (like Alfredo did) sees the
whole picture and knows what we cannot see.
If we stay close to him- he will direct our paths..
a little more here, back off there, go this way....
etc....As moms we all worry that we are going
to miss something or mess something up
with our children.  Karen says-- WE WILL!...
we ARE going to miss something...
But God isn't....He is there right behind us
fixing spots, FILLING IN THE GAPS
and making something beautiful.

Cole and Noah at the preschool
Fall Festival

Surprising Cole for "Mystery Reader"

2nd grade School Pic

Kindergarten School Pic

Milla's class

Mom and Cappie visiting Grandma
for her 96th Birthday!!
She's Beautiful!!!

Cole and Brandon

stopping to smell the roses

Shady Grove Campground

Camping Out at
Shady Grove Campground
(we had sites 52, 53 & 54...they were great)
(we want to remember 50 and 51 for next time
too...they looked the very best)

Ready for an adventure

We started off saying...."don't get wet
guys!"...that didn't last long! :)

Swimming in the lake in October

Emily and Ethan livin' it up

it was our first camping trip without Hank...
but, we were glad our friends brought
Sophie and Sam

Katie serving up snacks

Derrick and Adrienne




Lake Lanier

Fall Campfire

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Forgotten Coast

...Brandon fishing...where the water meets the sky...
(and a butterfly!)

Cole... just like his Dad!

Faith Sunset fishing

Milla sea kayaking

We found a hidden treasure....
a natural, remote, secluded beach
A cute little cottage in
St. Teresa, Florida...south of Tallahassee
on the pan handle..on the
"The Forgotten Coast"

truly....we had the whole beach to ourselves

and the pool to ourselves!

Hand stands in the white sand!
It was a beach through a forest...
there was so much wildlife...
on our drive in we saw a black
bear....we also saw dolphin, a sting ray,
hermit crabs, blue crabs and horseshoe crabs...

Faith glowing  by the Sea Oats

Milla with an
adorable, priceless grin missing
a few teeth :)

Cole riding his bike on the

Fall Break!

Dinner on the patio....we did a lot of
grilling out because there were no stores
or restaurants there!

the house was called
"Sea La Vie"

Having fun at "Summer Camp"