Tuesday, March 14, 2017

School with Dad, School Projects, School Surprises

"How many days until Daddy/Daughter
Date Night?".....
that is what Faith asked
every day for 2 weeks leading up to
the Dad's Night at her school!

 Brandon treated her to dinner at the
restaurant of her choice....
she chose Panara Bread
to get broccoli cheddar soup!

Cole and Milla
heading to "STEM" night at Milla's school

Some of Cole's Favs

"pretend like you are sleeping"

School Projects!!

first blooms of Spring (early)

Lydia's "Frozen" Birthday Party with
ELSA!!!!! 4 years old!!!

Cousins playing some tunes

Surprise Mystery Reading and
Lunch with Mil!
It was Wednesday....everybody's favorite...
nacho day!

Good Morning Sunshine

We were missing Grandma Rhodes
and had to go to Indiana to tell her
"Good Morning Sunshine"
in person

Grandma Rhodes and Cole are
kindred spirits

After joining Grandma for her
"Friend's Fellowship" Sunday
Church service she gave Cole a
ride back to her wing.

Grandma was SO PROUD to parade
Cole around the horseshoe shaped
rows of lazy boy chairs....she stopped
at each one introducing him and
asking him to wave!

Helping Booda with some logs

Moving sticks with Gran Mum

Working up the nerve to pet a chicken!

CC and Booda

Having fun in the barn

Trying out the 4 wheeler

saying HI to the horses

a tree that was planted when my
Mom was born....65 years ago!!!

Hi Grandpa Rhodes! Miss You!

Hi Granny Girl and Grandpa Dunnington!
Miss You!

Walking down the lane....

the Welcoming entryway at
Westcott Place Farm

The traditional bath in the
claw foot tub

Gran Mum makes car trips Fun...
checkers at Cracker Barrel

We couldn't pass Chattanooga without
saying Hi to our buddies!!
Marlene, Lana, Samuel and Lily
met us at a big field to stretch out
after a long car ride.

Rise Up and Revial 356

The Falcons made it to the SUPER BOWL!
Rise Up!
(Cole, Marley, Faith, Milla and Colt)

We cheered them on with the Muschara family
as they took a big lead in the first half....
at one point just after half time
Atlanta was up 28-3....but, then things
changed!!!! The Patriots made a
crazy comeback and won 34-28!!

Cole and Colt

Meeting sweet baby
Wynn Greer Benich
Congrats to Beau, Kriya, Wade & Bree!

Brandon's "Watch Dog Dad" day
at Milla's School...she was SO excited!

neat place!!!!

they say....come be

It is a Farm...with animals, a cool barn
full of art, refurbished antiques, books,
and  deep conversation.  There are verses and
nature and inspiration all around.

There are animals everywhere....dogs greet you...
goats and chickens walk around free....
a llama is there too!
Got to go with a group and hope
to get a chance to go again.
The lady that started and runs it, Vikki,
is incredibly encouraging, kind,
joyful, grateful and on fire for Jesus!

Brandon hammered these necklaces
for me, Milla and Faith for
Valentine's Day! xoxoxox

Sunday, March 12, 2017

"Through the Eyes of a Lion"

visiting pastor
Levi Lusko from Montana
spoke at Browns Bridge over the summer
during the "See the World"
He wrote a book called:
"Through the Eyes of a Lion"
He and his wife have 4 daughters...
he tells their story of the loss of
their daughter Lenya (which means lion)
He spoke on... How we view
Pain and Suffering.
*We don't see the world as it is...
but, as we are
*Suffering is not an obstacle but,
an opportunity
*2 Cor. 4:16 "That is why we never
give up. Though our bodies are dying,
our spirits are being renewed every day."
*Fix our gaze on things we cannot see
*LIONS have really good eyes- can see
really far--6X better than a person in the
dark...not because there is more light
for them--but, because they make better
use of the light. (just as football players
use "eye black" to keep light away...in the
opposite way- Lion's have "eye white"
to draw in the light)
*Trials WILL come
*we should train for the trial we are
not yet in
*storms reveal foundations- you prepare
ahead of time--not in the storm
*see what is in front of you- but, have
Faith in what God says and look beyond
what you see or you will lose heart
*when he wakes up he thinks of how
many days it has been since he has
hugged his sweet  daughter Lenya
and how much he misses her...that
particular day was 1,092 days...
as each day goes by he could feel
a little further and further away---OR
look beyond and see that God is telling
him he is 1,092 days closer to seeing
her again.
*Romans 8:19 "For the creation waits
in eager expectation for the children of
God to be revealed"
*Lions never walk flat footed--they
are always on their tip toes (like
boxers stay on their toes)....they
are ready and prepared for what's
to come
*pain is a microphone--the more it hurts
the louder the microphone
*the devil has to check with God
before he messes with anyone
*we don't know why God says Yes--
but, we DO KNOW that whatever the
devil's agenda is- God has a bigger plan
and a bigger agenda that works for good.
*God puts us to use by what He
puts us through
*it is an honor to be trusted with a trial
*new opportunity for ministry
*Pain is your passport...it unlocks doors..
we don't know why now...but, ONE DAY
WE WILL- so, for now TRUST
*"God gives his most difficult
assignment to his most trusted
soldier" Spurgeon
a. STICK TOGETHER...lions live in
prides...be there for each other--
have each other's backs
LEASH....Hope (JESUS) is an ANCHOR
it is up to us how much slack we are
going to let between us...
keep your anchor on a short leash...
then you can feel the
tug of heaven everyday.

*Picture of his daughter "Lenya"*


"It's me y'all....the MC y'all"
"Faithy Faith"
"C to O to the LE"

Watching sisters at Gymnastics

serious gymnasts
Elli, Annie and Faith


Jan 7th, 2017

"push me guys"

Go West Forsyth!
the cheerleaders shared
their pom poms

Annie, Faith and Cole

Elise and Milla watching the game...
it was a nail biter!

Cole loves Eloise!

The Greenway

Baby Shower for Kelli and
Baby Hope Hunter Kochs
on the way!
(me with Kelli's College Roomies...
Carolyn, Kelli, Ashley, Jamie)

Word for 2017..
a gift from my friend Maggie...
for getting back to the basics
when life seems cluttered
and packed with SO MUCH

We got to visit Milla's classroom...
she has SUCH a great teacher this year..
Ms. Leatherwood

Faith is on a roll with reading...
thanks to Milla and all of her site
word practice...Faith couldn't help
but learn them too!
She was reading one of my books
from growing up!

Faith's "Teddy Bear Parade" float
with a beach theme

sweet thing!

you are looking at Vickery Creek
Elementary School's January
Principal Pal!!


reading with Gran Mum

Milla having Fun with friends
at a Birthday Party at SkyZone!

little bird perched in a tree